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  1.  自然な日常生活の中での会話での英語指導、発話の奨励

  2.  子ども達の自然な好奇心の促進

  3.  6つの大切な柱である、信頼、尊敬の意、責任感、公平さ、思いやり、善良さの奨励



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As an educator, we believe that each child is unique. Children need care, love and most of all, respect. 


At H.A.N.DS International English School, our goal is to encourage children to use active techniques through experimentation and real-world problem solving. We provide them with an inviting environment that is safe and supportive. We aim to help them grow within our nurturing atmosphere, and help them mature physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.


It is our desire to share our knowledge and experiences to help the children meet their fullest potential. 


These are the three main points that we focus on within our teaching environment:


  1. Teaching and encouraging the use English for natural, everyday life conversations

  2. Promoting the children's natural curiosity in learning

  3. Encouraging the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.


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Guia Gill

Michael Gill


H.A.N.DS International English School

H.A.N.DS International English School Staff:


Discover the world through English!

Being able to communicate with others in English is really useful. If you use English, you can talk to everybody, anywhere. Since I had the opportunity of living in various countries, I have made valuable friends from all over the world. Also, thanks to English, I could deepen my knowledge of foreign cultures and appreciate their wonders. Certainly, by learning English, people's inner world will be extremely enriched.

At HANDS English International School we encourage you to be motivated, boost your social skills, and most importantly we make you have fun learning English!

Discover the world through English!

HANDS English International Schoolで子供の自発性と社会性を育み、楽しく英語を学びましょう!



京都市山科区勧修寺閑林寺47-1 シベール観修寺103

(京都市営地下鉄東西線 小野駅より徒歩5分)


103 Shibe-ru Kansyuji, 47-1 Kanrinji, Kansyuji, Yamashina-ku


(5 min. from Ono Station. Kyoto City Tozai Line Subway)


Phone : 075-585-7170

Mobile : 090-6053-1940

E-mail :  gmginternationalschool@gmail.com

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